The S​.​K. - help me again EP [obsb​-​002]

by The S.K.

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The S.K.

1)Please show age and the area living in

So to introduce my self, i'm Greg aka The S.K., i'm 23 and i live in city called Nîmes in South of France, but i'm gonna leave that city to move into a small village farther than Nîmes.

2)What happens to a Dubstep scene in the area (or country)?

The dubstep scene here is not so massive as in England. But dubstep is growing more and more days after days. Lot of parties are build up with dubstep artist to start and also with drum n bass artist who mix a lot of dubstep too. That's pretty cool because dubstep is loved by lot of people here. And i really hope one day to mix into a dubstep party!

3)When have you begun to make music from?

I begun to make music 5years ago. At the beginning that was on Fruity Loops and that mainly was for fun. But 3years and half ago, my father died and so i decided to explain my feelings into music. i started with hardcore with massive kick and lot of distortion. I discovered drum n bass at the same as hardcore so i also tried to do some dnb and about 1year and a half i discovered dubstep and i tried to create some and now i all the time create dubstep. I'm running on Reason 4 for my collabs tune with Sinister Source, Snarestrike and some with Fabian and VOTU. For my solo tune i'm using Logic express 8, which is a really massive program!

4)who is the artist influenced by you?

About hardcore it was Matt Green, Dr Macabre mainly, those mens motivated me to create tunes. About drum n bass it's Spor, High Contrast, Current Value, Donny and more. And about the dubstep my influences Bar 9, Borgore, Coki, Benga, Rusko and lot of other known and unknown talented artist

5)Why did you choose dubstep?

I choose dubstep because that's what describe me the best. I love the way we can turn into dubstep. I mean that dubstep can be so sweet and cool and at the same time it can be so dark and aggressive. And i sometimes am like that. When i create dubstep tune i'm often influenced by things happened to me. And to me this is the best way i ever had to explain my feelings. I have to admit that lot of my tune are in dark mood, but that's what i'm feeling when i create tunes.

6)Are there future's release schedule and live?

i'll probably sign up on Juno Record, i'm workin on an EP for Juno.

No live set but i'm learning to mix, so i'll mix my own tunes with some of my mate. I love minimalist dubstep, when i mix i love hearing that simple beat and a nice wobble!!! if someone have some free tunes, please don't hesitate to join me!!! i'll be really pleased to make a dubstep mix!!

7)Finally give me some word

coca cola, cigarets, chocolate, meat, sex, earsex… that's my main words :)
And i'd like to thanks: Sinister Source, Dran_c (a talented electro minimal DJ and also a really good friend of mine), the Original Wav crew (which is my future netlabel i'm about to create with some friends), and all of my music friends!!! also my mother, my cat, my headphones and all the biat*** who loves me ahah (joke of course). and finally you to join me for your netlabel and to interviewed me.


released March 4, 2010



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